Model XB Diamond Edition

The Model XB Diamond Edition celebrates the success of one of the most loved speakers introduced by Estelon and its 5-Years’ Anniversary.

The Model XB Diamond Edition features a diamond tweeter along with a top-of-the-line crossover which delivers an amazing acoustic experience that is natural and relaxed. Furthermore, since the diamond tweeter’s resonances are outside the audible range, even the slightest distortions completely disappear. This helps deliver a more open, musical, deeper and precise experience like never before.

The Model XB Diamond Edition is especially perfect for listeners who may find the Model X Diamond rather too big in certain spaces since the Model XB is relatively smaller.



The most noticeable and important technological advancement is the design and the materials used in building the Estelon’s speaker cabinet. Cast with the patented marble based composite and designed specifically to enhance the elements inside it, it is not simply an asthetic visual element, but one of the leading reasons why the sum of the speaker is bigger than its parts.



The bass driver uses a special ultra stiff ceramic – sandwich dome. FEA optimized overhung motor design with titanium voice coil former guarantees very low energy storage and good heat transfer.

The mid-bass unit is a sophisticated design with special attention paid to the titanium voice coil former and the surrounding air gap to provide maximum freedom from dynamic compression in conjunction with the use of a special ultra stiff ceramic dome. It is valued for its midrange neutrality, mated to its own acoustic enclosure. All moving elements of the driver are ventilated for resonance free response.

The high frequency  driver has ultra hard diamond dome, its unsurpassed rigidity leads to most accurate conversion from electrical energy to sound pressure. Optimized underhung motor design with vented aluminium voice coil former and double neodymium magnet guarantees low energy storage, excellent heat transfer and high excursion capability for low power compression and ultra low distortion.


The Preparation

Each drive unit is “broken in” by running a signal through them for several hours before selecting matching pairs of drivers for each speaker pair. When drivers in matching pairs, another ‘break in’ with a special signal is conducted. Finally, drivers are fitted into the finished cabinet for individual tuning.

The components used were chosen through hundreds of listening tests based on subjective musicality – drivers, Teflon hybrid capacitors, inductors, Kubala-Sosna internal wiring etc.
All of the aforementioned is unified by Alfred’s custom crossover, that enables the symbiotic performance of the elements after they are carefully tested – the crossover with Teflon hybrid capacitors and air core inductors is incased in a separate chamber to protect the crossover components from microphonic effect.


Available Colors

  • White Liquid
  • White Matte
  • Black Liquid
  • Black Matte
  • Silver Liquid
  • Silver Matte
  • Blue Cobalt
  • Violet Night
  • Red Rocket

Technical Specifications

  • Woofer: 8,7’’ Accuton, ceramic sandwich dome Series XA size
  • Midwoofer: 6,25’’Accuton, ceramic membrane
  • Tweeter: 1’’ Accuton, diamond inverted dome
  • Internal Wiring: Kubala-Sosna
  • Frequency Response: 22-50 000 Hz
  • Power Rating: 150 W
  • Nominal Impedance: 6 ohms (min 3,5 ohms at 50 Hz)
  • Sensitivity: 87 dB/2,83 V
  • Minimal Amplifier Power: 30 W


  • Height: 1260 mm
  • Width: 420 mm
  • Depth: 590 mm
  • Net Weight: 69 kg per piece
  • Shipping Weight: 110 kg per piece